Dust Proofing System

Dust Proofing System

Multi Cyclone Dust Collector

Approx Price: Rs 4.15 Lakh / Piece 
Multi-tube Dust Collectors / Cyclones:Cyclones are the most economical and reliable means for the removal of particulates from a gas stream. Conventionally, a Classic Cyclone has been the equipment to clean the dirty air to get rid of suspended particulate. However, due to the limited technologies resources available, the particulate collection efficiency was lower.A multi Cyclone as was conventionally available was a battery of Axial or Radial entry Multi Cyclones. An axial entry cyclone is suitable to handle very large gas flows with lower collection efficiency however Radial entry cyclones used for handling relatively small gas flows with higher collection efficiency. Old Cyclones suffers from economical achievement of High fractional collection efficiency at lower pressure drop. However our designed cyclones and multi-Cyclone have very good collection efficiency as compared to other designs.Technical specifications:1. Flow Configuration: Axial Entry / Radial Entry / Single Cyclone / Multi-cyclone.2. Handling media: Flue gas / Contaminated Air / Water.3. Material of Construction: Carbon Steel / AISI 304 / AISI 316 / hard lining / Custom Made. Exclusive Features of our designed Cyclones:Designed based on considering thermodynamic, Compressibility properties of media.Highly efficient design with proven performance.Customized solutions using flow modeling and simulations.Modular design easy to transport and erect.For every metric ton of steel produced, 10 to 25 kilograms of dust is accumulated. There‘s no question that modern dedusting systems are crucial. The most important goals are high reliability, strict compliance with prescribed threshold values and reasonable energy consumption.

Dust Extractors

Approx Price: Rs 5.15 Lakh / Piece 
The dust generated is picked by a slitted hood in an air system generated by powerful suction blower. Dust separation takes place in two stages. In the primary stage, heavier particles are deposited into the collection container due to reduction in velocity and change of direction of air. Secondary separation occurs when the lighter dust is deposited onto the fabric by initial impact and diffusion. Hence, it accumulates to form a mat or bed which in turn acts as filter medium with a fabric as a base. TO maintain continuity of extraction, dust is periodically removed from the fabric by the shaker mechanism and deposited into the collection container.

For collection of Dry Dust ‘At Source” in Industries. Can be used as original equipment with surface Grinders, Tool and Cutter Grinders, Buffing Machines, Wood Working Industries, and also for Carbon Dry Powder Collection.
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